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Representation matters.

The Makers Museum is a digital advocacy campaign that aims to preserve, amplify, and advance the global contributions of disabled makers.

Meet Our Makers

MAKERS Stories

Our inaugural event series features a global lineup of disabled tech entrepreneurs - from San Francisco to Denmark to Nigeria.
Five disabled people of color with canes, prosthetic legs, and a wheelchair sit on a rooftop deck, laughing and sharing stories. Greenery and city high-rises are visible in the background.

Launching Summer 2020

MAKERS Stories

A public, interactive collection of narratives that highlight a diverse group of designers, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs with disabilities
  • Virtual live events to engage and connect with makers
  • Community-curated tips and resources for aspiring makers - accessible for free, anytime
  • Educational materials for youth educators and parents spotlighting the historical, cultural and contemporary contributions of disabled makers
An Asian disabled woman types on a laptop while wearing compression gloves. The hands and keyboard are the focal point.

Launching Fall 2020


A membership-only platform to build interest in and a confidence to pursue careers critical to the future of tech and innovation
  • Career development webinars on personal branding, job searching, interviewing, and disclosure and employment accommodations
  • Workshops on business, entrepreneurship, and startup culture
  • Remote mentorship and online forum